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快乐飞艇平台互联网2机灵系统: 何塞·拉米雷斯I世 (1858 - 1923)

何塞·拉米雷斯I世(José Ramírez de Galarreta y Planell)诞生于马德里,12岁时被艺术巨匠弗朗西斯科·冈萨雷斯(Francisco González)收为学徒。1882年在马德里的El Rastro 创建了本身的作坊,1890年改迁到Concepcion Jeronima 2号,并世代持续到1995年。至今,作坊又迁至La Paz 8 号。

拉米雷斯I世是很多人的教员,包含他的弟弟曼纽尔·拉米列斯(Manuel Ramírez)、他的儿子拉米雷斯II世、恩里克·加西亚(Enrique García,厥后在巴塞罗那立业,并在那边收了学徒(Francisco Simplicio)、朱里安·戈梅兹(Julián Gómez)、安东尼奥·维德斯(Antonio Viudes)、拉斐尔·卡萨那(Rafael Casana)、阿方·本笃(Alfonso Benito)、安东尼奥·戈麦斯(Antonio Gómez)。


José Ramírez of Galarreta and Planell, was born in Madrid in 1858. At the age of 12 he began working as an apprentice in the workshop of who was later to become his Maestro; Francisco González. The Gonzales shop was located on the Carrera de San Jerónimo street in Madrid.

In 1890 Jose I established himself at Concepción Jerónima nº 2, where his descendants continued to build guitars until the year 1995. And at this current time the store has been relocated on the street La Paz nº 8, very near the old shop.

Although Francisco González had José Ramírez like only pupil José himself, however, was his smaller brother's teacher, Manuel Ramírez, as well as of his son, José Ramírez II, also the teacher of Enrique García that later established himself in Barcelona (where he left a pupil: Francisco Simplicio), and of Julián Gómez Ramírez. He also taught the trade to Antonio Viudes and to Rafael Casana, as well as to Alfonso Benito and to Antonio Gómez.

Thus, the Ramirez Dynasty began in José Ramírez’s workshop. José Ramírez was recognized as an outstanding master guitar-maker. In fact, flamenco guitarists would frequently approach him to find a solution for better projection of sound…. And that's how José created the "tablao guitar." Although he was in agreement with the design by Torres, he built a larger flamenco model than most classical guitars in those days. The tablao guitar brought him much success, and added to his reputation as a maker of fine guitars.

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