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As we have never kept a register of labels, excepting those numbered from 1967 onwards, the dates during which different designs have been used are impossible to determine.

There will be gaps In the following document, in so far as there are labels in existence which do not figure here. Also, some of the dates may not be exact (although they are not far out) especially in the case of those used by José Ramírez I and the early days of José Ramírez II. The end of his time coincided with the beginning of that of José Ramírez III, who was the first to number and sign the labels. My brother José Ramírez IV and I have continued to use the labels designed by my father.

The following information has been compiled by Miguel Martiínez, the oldest serving member of this company. Although he is now retired, he continues to offer his memories and knowledge of the traditions of this guitar making family.



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